Build your new SAFEnet Access Control System on BlueEdge ICE Technology

Posted on May 25, 2012 by newbrandmedia

BlueEdge – Intelligent Control Equipment (ICE) Unified Digital Controller

The Unified Digital Controller (UDC) is designed for enterprise-wide access control and intrusion detection applications. It is the industry’s first commercially available Ethernet powered (PoE), Dual Path IP-based digital controller that is internet configurable and cloud manageable, with full stand-alone intelligence capabilities at the edge of the network. Powered by Monitor Dynamics’ BlueEdge ICE Technology, the UDC delivers simple plug -and- play field installation, designed to reduce overall project resource costs and configuration time for the installer.

BlueEdge ICE powers the iTRUST™ cloud access control application and the SAFEnet® Unified Security Platform™.

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David Brinkley
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