Galaxy® Dimension TouchCenter

Posted on February 1, 2011 by newbrandmedia

Honeywell’s TouchCenter with NEW Proximity function delivers simplicity in state-of-the-art technology. By making system operation so easy for users, TouchCenter helps reduce false alarms arising from operator error and the inconvenience and cost associated with engineer callouts.

Galaxy Touch Center

Colour graphical touch-screen with NEW proximity function

With its large, customisable colour touch-screen and integrated proximity reader, Honeywell’s Galaxy® Dimension TouchCenter offers end-users the simplest operation and system management.

On-screen help files are available at your fingertips, a clear and simple menu facilitates system management so users can be added, removed or amended and large multiple area systems can be easily viewed, set and unset, without the need for engineer support. With full compliance to PD6662:2004/2010, DD243:2004 and BS8243:2010 and simplicity of operation, installers benefit from reduced training time and fewer engineer

TouchCenter’s virtual MK7 keypad gives Galaxy® installers the ability to programme the system as they have become

Installers can also use the TouchCenter as a sales tool to grow their business by advertising their company name or logo on the homescreen and add value to an installation by putting the end-user’s company name, logo and/or photo on the high resolution screen.

TouchCenter makes it easier than ever for end-users to take advantage of their security system features. Even the most
advanced functions are simple, with graphics and menu driven prompts guiding the user every step of the way.

For more information on how to take advantage of TouchCenterand Galaxy® Dimension, please visit:

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