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Posted on July 31, 2008 by newbrandmedia

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The Hirsch ScramblePad keypad/reader provides a very high security approach to access, because the ID code or PIN number cannot be accidentally shared with, or stolen by, onlookers. Each numeral is randomly scrambled to a new position each time the START button is pressed, so a bystander cannot see the code, learn the pattern, nor identify telltale wear marks on certain keys.

Also, viewing restrictors allow only the person directly in front of the keypad to see the numbers, eliminating “shoulder-surfing.” The ScramblePad delivers the additional benefits of remote operator control and tenant override functions. Hirsch also offers ScrambleProx, a ScramblePad with a built-in proximity reader enabling a variety of card-plus-code applications, and ScrambleSmart, a ScramblePad with an integrated, hidden contactless smart card reader, for smart card applications. The Scramble Pad remains the industry’s best solution for high security door access.

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