iTrust Dual Door Controller (DDC2U)

Posted on April 13, 2012 by newbrandmedia

The DDC2U is designed for access control applications of all sizes and requirements. The DDC2U is the industry’s premier 2-reader, 2-door, Power over Ethernet (PoE) IP- based access controller.

Powered by Monitor Dynamics’ BlueEdge Technology, the DDC2U delivers simple plug-and-play installation utilizing PoE power and reducing overall installation cost and configuration time. The DDC2U empowers small organizations in need of entry-level access control with the processing capacity required for the largest enterprise-wide applications. The DDC2U is a dual-port Ethernet IP panel that transmits entry and exit data via high speed communications. Utilizing a Linux-based processor for stability, the DDC2U communicates to the head-end with complete fail-over, at rates exponentially faster than standard serial based communications.

As a scalable hardware device located at the edge of the network, the DDC2U comes with three downstream RS-485 communication ports that can be used to connect various combinations of field hardware, including additional DDC2U panels (up to 31 devices). As an enterprise-grade controller, the DDC2U can scale to support 250,000 cardholders and 50,000 events – standard.

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