Seismo Buried Security System Kit

Posted on May 30, 2015 by newbrandmedia

The Seismo is an outdoor buried security system, which can be integrated with any existing security or alarm system.

The Seismo system comes in 2 variations, single standalone sensor OR 3 sensing units with analyzer. It is installed underground and is able to recognize footsteps and vehicles movements.

Seismo is resistant to extreme environmental conditions such as weather & temperature changes and can work in large variety of terrains with no interference by vegetation or strong winds.

  • Plug & Play Installation
  • Connects to ANY Alarm System
  • No Training or Special Tools Needed
  • Event Classification.
  • Standalone & Invisible System
  • Battery or DC power operated
  • 2 KIT Variations – 1 or 3 Sensors + Analyzer.


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