Manual Cantilever Sliding Gate – New Lower Price

These Manual Cantilever Sliding Gates are ideal where the use of conventional swinging gates are not feasible due to space restrictions.

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Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gate

These Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates are an ideal solution where space behind the gates is on an incline or restricted. With fully automated…

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Full Height Pedestrian Turnstile

This Full Height Turnstile is a high specification turnstile, suitable for controlling access in environments such as reception areas, health clubs…

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Manual full-height turnstile for internal and external use


For internal, external or semi-external installation.

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Gunnebo Full-Height Turnstiles

Secure outdoor entrances with full-height turnstiles

Gunnebo’s full-height turnstiles provide effective exterior entrance security for stadia, petrochemical and construction sites.

Regulate people flows

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Speed Gates

Gunnebo’s speed gates are elegant entrance security products for public and commercial buildings with a wide range of finishes.

Realise your architectural vision

Customise the design of your entrance security product by incorporating your preferred materials, colours and lighting effects.
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Centra Borer FUSION PoE Access Control System Overview

Borer’s FUSION is a totally scalable Power over Ethernet Access Control system; it can grow from a small single site application into an enterprise wide multi-location system as your requirements expand, all with the minimum of operator training or reconfiguration.

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Centra Barriers & Gates

Centra Security is a leading supplier and installer of Bi-Folding Speed Gates and Traffic Barriers

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Access Control Turnstiles

Integrating Turnstiles with Power over Ethernet (PoE) Plus Technology

Borer offers a wide range of solutions for controlled physical access control to buildings, areas and specially secured locations including commercial offices, schools, university campuses, hospitals, data centres, factories, warehouses, energy plants, leisure centres and shipping ports.
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Centra Security Services Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Paya Card Processing Services
Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Paya Card Processing Services