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Centra Borer FUSION PoE Access Control System Overview

Borer’s FUSION is a totally scalable Power over Ethernet Access Control system; it can grow from a small single site application into an enterprise wide multi-location system as your requirements expand, all with the minimum of operator training or reconfiguration.

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Standard Lock Manager Door Controller

Manages the Power and Data supplied down a CAT5e/6 cable by the Midspan Bridge 

Borer’s Lock Manager circuit board hs a small footprint and is designed to be mounted with the electric door lock or strike. Alternatively it can be housed together with the “Press to Exit” switch in a half gang electrical wall box.

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Access Control PoE Midspan Bridge v2

Secure Data and Power delivery over CAT5e/6 Cable for Access Control

The Midspan Bridge v2 enables the integration of access controlled doors and alarm points via a TCP/IP network connection to a central management system system and database.

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Borer FUSION Access Control Reader

Using Power over Ethernet (PoE) Plus technology for Access Control Solutions

With an electronic card swipe system, you can secure your building by managing who gains entrance to your building and remove the risk of lost or misplaced keys.

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