Seismo Buried Security System Kit

The Seismo is an outdoor buried security system, which can be integrated with any existing security or alarm system.

The Seismo system comes in 2 variations, single standalone sensor OR 3 sensing units with analyzer. It is installed underground and is able to recognize footsteps and vehicles movements.

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Vidalert Alarm Management Software

RBtec has developed and manufactured simple to operate tailor – made systems with an extended lifetime for fast installation, minimum maintenance, low false alarm level and maximum protection.


RBtec’s VIDALERT security management system is dedicated Client-Server software for security personnel to manage and over view the perimeter for Intrusion & Video Monitoring System on site. Each site has its own graphic map and dedicated data base. The graphic map provides visual and audible indication in the event of an alarm.

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Ironclad Intrusion Detection

Perimeter Security Made Easy, Reliable and Affordable.

Fully wrapped by stainless steel mesh Ideal for installation on wire fences and concertina coil.
The system utilize 3 layers of false alarm filtration – Algorithm of detection, 11 levels of sensitivity easily adjusted with dip switches and a weather station to avoid false alarms caused by weather condition.

The sensor cable can be installed on a fence of any kind, or similar tile roof, light walls, solar power panels and be connected to any standard alarm system panel, Scada or DVR.
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