uTrust M1N Controller

Posted on May 13, 2013 by developers

M1N controls 1 supervised door and 4000 users.

The uTrust Model 1N (M1N) controls one (1) supervised door, 4000 users and includes: one (1) SNIB port (RS-485 & RS-232 terminal blocks), one (1) door relay, three (3) miscellaneous relays, four (4)  alarm inputs (requires line modules), enclosure, power supply, battery, tamper switch, and Medeco lock.

Additional Information

uTrust controllers are access control systems that support:

  • uTrust ScramblePad®, ScrambleProx® & ScrambleSmartProx secure keypads
  • MATCH & MATCH2 intelligent reader interfaces (supporting numerous reader options)
  • High security alarm monitoring
  • Relay control outputs

When connected locally or remotely to a Velocity server, uTrust controllers provide a high-integrity enterprise-wide access control and security management solution.


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