honeywell vindicator

Vindicator® Premise Controller

Honeywell’s Vindicator Premise Controller (VPC) is the foundation of our integrated, reliable and robust Vindicator SCIF and local area Secure/Access solution. VPC provides embedded processing of alarm events. The embedded design of the VPC makes it impervious to hacking and to worm/virus attacks, delivering military grade reliability. Its simple, sleek design makes it ideal for […]

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Honeywell Vindicator

Vindicator solutions are created around an open network architecture and modular design providing maximum flexibility. Solutions include a series of intelligent devices that enable fast, encrypted and redundant transfer of security, fire and life safety and building automation data among devices and to security monitoring locations. Vindicator offers common embedded platforms, engineered and manufactured to the highest military specifications, delivering over 100,000 hours (11 years) mean-time-between-failure rate. […]

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Vindicator® V5 Access Control System (ACS)

Built on the V5 Network Security Appliance™, the Vindicator® ACS solution is a self-contained access control system that does not require a PC or Windows software to operate. […]

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Vindicator® Badge Manager 2.0

Honeywell’s Vindicator® solutions provide a complete platform for creating electronic access control credentials as well as issuing, enrolling and managing the entry rules associated with controlling access to and around facilities. […]

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Honeywell Vindicator (VE) Pro Watch Edition and the VCC Vindicator Command and Control Platform.

The Vindicator Pro-Watch Vindicator Edition (VE) allows users to secure facilities such as government and military installations. The system features an intuitive graphic user interface that streamlines administrative functions and is compatible with the LobbyWorks™ Visitor Management System. […]

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Centra Security becomes an official HoneywellVindicator Integrated Installer

December 2008 Centra install HoneywellVindicator into US Military sites in UK and Europe. Vindicator has 30+ years of experience and understands the business of securing critical facilities,how to design products that will last and how to design systems that will meet specs & mandates.Vindicator is… […]

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