Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS & PIDS)

Ironclad Intrusion Detection

Perimeter Security Made Easy, Reliable and Affordable. Fully wrapped by stainless steel mesh Ideal for installation on wire fences and concertina coil. The system utilize 3 layers of false alarm filtration – Algorithm of detection, 11 levels of sensitivity easily adjusted with dip switches and a weather station to avoid false alarms caused by weather […]

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Long Range Detection Capability – Long Range Detection and Tracking Sensor System

The Vindicator Command and Control (VCC) annunciator platform has been integrated with the Perimeter Surveillance Radar Sensor (PSRS) to provide long range detection and tracking capability. Combining state-of-the-art “Smart” sensor technology and the most reliable COTS Command and Control (C2) alarm monitoring platform in the security industry, Sandia National Laboratories, Vindicator Technologies and Sensor Technologies […]

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Active Infra-Red Beam Sensor – Perimeter IR Beams

The Perimbar perimeter barriers comprise an array of modulated and synchronized infra-red beams fitted in slim columns available in heights of 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m, 3.5m and 4.0m. Perimbars are constructed from heavy-duty aluminium extrusions with special filter material windows on three sides concealing the beam positions, directions and patterns. The columns have universal […]

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SAP Secure Access Panel – Intelligent, Advanced Control Panel

Secure /Access Control for Restricted Areas Vindicator Technologies’ Secure Access Panel (SAP) provides the latest in technology for security systems requiring stand alone access control and for upgrading or replacing aging J-SIIDS Local Control Units. The SAP offers a special configuration for combining our Secure/Access capability with our Data Transmitter to supply a versatile secure/ […]

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Honeywellvindicator Command & Control

Vindicator Common Operator Picture for Access Control. Download VCC Platform Vindicator Command & Control (VCC) provides security personnel with an intuitive user interface that displays all security data on the Vindicator Network. […]

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Perimeter Intrusion: Secure Fencing with Sensor Cable and CCTV


Vibration (shaker) fence detection system sensor suitable for all types of fences, walls and barbed-wire concertina barriers. High probability of detection with extremely low false alarm rate. The sensor cable is guaranteed for 10 years.


The passive fence perimeter protection vibration sensor cable line is fully wrapped by stainless steel wire mesh acting as protection layer it is designed for outdoor installation on various types of perimeter barriers such us chain link, welded mesh fences or razor type concertina coils.


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Perimeter Protection Access Control

No matter how sophisticated your internal security measures may be, perimeter detection remains the first line of defence in site protection. Access Control using Physical Turnstiles will not only stop ‘casual’ site access but history reports can also be used to pay Contractors hourly site attendance. […]

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Intrusion Detection Devices

The 2700 Series High Security & Specialty High Security Contacts with triple-biased reeds are highly resistant to defeat by external magnets. Standard features include Triple biased for increased security – UL listed. Also For Very EXTREME RISKS Explosion Proof Contacts are recommended. […]

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Microwave Sensors

Microwave Sensors, also known as Radar or Doppler sensors have been used to activate automatic doors for decades. Today’s safety standards such as ANSI/BHMA A156.10 have been the driving force for improvement of microwave technology in automatic door applications. […]

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