Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS & PIDS)

Perimeter Protection Access Control

No matter how sophisticated your internal security measures may be, perimeter detection remains the first line of defence in site protection. Access Control using Physical Turnstiles will not only stop ‘casual’ site access but history reports can also be used to pay Contractors hourly site attendance. […]

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Intrusion Detection Devices

The 2700 Series High Security & Specialty High Security Contacts with triple-biased reeds are highly resistant to defeat by external magnets. Standard features include Triple biased for increased security – UL listed. Also For Very EXTREME RISKS Explosion Proof Contacts are recommended. […]

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Microwave Sensors

Microwave Sensors, also known as Radar or Doppler sensors have been used to activate automatic doors for decades. Today’s safety standards such as ANSI/BHMA A156.10 have been the driving force for improvement of microwave technology in automatic door applications. […]

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Perimeter Security Sensors (PIDS) & Controls

Many security solutions today are required to provide advanced detection of potential threats and intruders beyond the fence line. Honeywell’s Vindicator® Radar Detection System can extend your security application well beyond its current perimeter, providing advanced warning of potential threats and intruders. We’ve partnered with leading technology providers that include some of the best sensor […]

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Active / Photo-Electric Infra-red Beams

Active Infrared Sensors By leading manufacturers such as TAKEX and OPTEX have become the most trusted and widely used technology in Intrusion Detection. Simplicity and reliability have been bred into the newest generation of Active nd Passive Infra-red Sensors. […]

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