Cisco Aironet 1850 Series Access Points

Gigabit Wi-Fi Has Fully Arrived
Redesign your enterprise wireless LAN to support the explosion of mobile devices. Cisco has developed an enterprise access point that supports the latest Wi-Fi technology (802.11ac Wave 2). Designed for small and medium networks, the Aironet 1850 Series provides the performance you need for ongoing proliferation of 802.11ac Wave 2 as well as legacy Wi-Fi device support. Features and Capabilities Cisco Aironet 1850 Series Access Points deliver industry-leading performance. They support the new generation of Wi-Fi clients, as well as prior generations of 802.11a/g/n Wi-Fi clients. Examples include smartphones, tablets, and laptops that include integrated 802.11ac Wave 1 or Wave 2 support. The Aironet 1850 Series offers customers: Flexible deployment modes.
  • Controller-based deployments support small and medium networks
  • Integrated and external antenna models are available for various deployment environments
Better Wi-Fi coverage and performance with the latest Wi-Fi technology. Supports 802.11ac Wave 2 (dual radio, 80 MHz channel size) and 4X4 MIMO Improved client performance with multi-user multiple input and multiple output (MU-MIMO). Get MU-MIMO with three spatial streams for 802.11ac Wave 2 clients Transmit beam-forming for a better client experience Fast offload to a wired network. The 1850 Series provides two Gigabit Ethernet ports to support Link Aggregation Group (LAG). Read more
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