Fiber Optic Perimeter Security System

Provides 100% perimeter coverage with no gaps between sensors, the cable is the sensor.
Fiber Security requires no power in the field and installation minimizes the need for trenching and expensive installation methods. The RBtec Point Intrusion Detection System is the most cost-effective, high-performance solution for protection of long perimeters and other infrastructure.
  • Up to 50km/31 Miles per processing unit.
  • Within 20m/65ft resolution over the entire perimeter.
  • No electronics or power required in the field.
  • Remote control and monitoring over TCP/IP network.
  • Self-calibrating every hour.
  • Software based zones.
  • Uniform sensitivity over all the length of the sensor.
Deploying fiber optic intrusion detection system provides reliable perimeter security for up to 50 km/31 Miles through a single fiber-optic cable, detecting and locating within 20 meters over the entire perimeter.  Daisy-chaining additional controllers provide unlimited reach.  Seven different levels of actual physical sensitivity, through the cable configuration, optimizes system performance for different media requirements, including chain link fence, buried cable, or wrought iron.  Additionally, because of the extreme sensitivity, the cable can be used with protective conduit without affecting required sensitivity and allowing greater installation flexibility, convenience and system longevity.

Return on your investment

Utilizing fiber-optic cable, the system is the most economically competitive technology currently available for long distances.  Requiring only a single alarm processing unit (APU) to cover up to 50 km/31 Miles, combined with a rugged fiber-optic sensing cable, results in the most cost-effective solution for large perimeters.


  • Transportation
  • Rail, Aviation and Ports
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Petroleum and Chemical
  • Military and Government
  • Country Borders

Advantages of RBtec Fiber Optic Sensor System

• 3RU, 19-inch, rack-mount, processing unit (APU) doesn't need temprature controlled room, reduces costs and electronics footprint in control room • Hardware based on dedicated programmable microprocessor and DSP chips ensures fast stable performance • The longest range precision monitoring capability with a single APU covering perimeters up to 50 km, reducing infrastructure requirements; daisy-chaining controllers provide unlimited reach • Tightly integrates with the RBtec Vidalert Command and Control System enabling remote and centralized monitoring and control of the entire system • Capable of pinpointing intrusion over the entire length of the perimeter to within 20m/65ft with unlimited zones • Immune to electromagnetic, lightning and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) ensures reliable operation in challenging environments • No power/communications requirements in the field reduce infrastructure costs • Self-calibrated each hour; requires almost no maintenance and ensures system uptime • TCP/IP interface allows non-proprietary communications using readily available network equipment • Low energy consumption - produces nominal heat, eliminating need for air conditioned racks • Field upgradeable firmware ensures equipment software can be brought up to the latest version on the spot, even over TCP/IP