B.A.S.I.S. Access Control System

Scaleable & Flexible Access Control Integration

The B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 integrated access control and alarm monitoring system delivers maximum protection, versatility, simple operation and cost efficiency.

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Area Access Manager

Area Access Manager in B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 enables authorized managers to control access to specific physical areas as a subset of the main access control system.

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ID Credential

The CredentialCenter by B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 provides a state-of-the-art, personnel identification and badging product.
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Integrated Offline Access Control

While most access control systems rely on a central computer or remote access control panel to make decision, the B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 offline locks have their own cardholder database and built-in intelligence to make decisions at the door instead of having to communicate with an external source. Continue Reading →

Information Security Management

B.A.S.I.S.® InterfaceTM is a full-featured import/export utility designed to streamline and automate the process of sharing data between multiple databases.
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Distributed Network Architecture

B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 distributed network architecture allows client workstations and field controllers to be placed directly on the existing network.
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Meeting your every access control need

B.A.S.I.S.® ET650’s superior performance and unmatched features make it the premier access control product in the industry today.

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Monitor Zone Assignments

The B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 Central Station Receiver Module expands the number of localized security and safety systems that customers can monitor from an Alarm Monitoring workstation.

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Digital Video / Intelligent Video

Using B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 alarm-based recording, high quality digital video can be linked in real time to specific alarms. Continue Reading →

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