Milestone Husky™ M50

Milestone Husky M50 NVR is a premium, rack-mounted unit with XProtect VMS preloaded and configured for greater performance, storage capacity and reliability. Milestone Husky M50 can record up to 48TB from up to 120 cameras with add-on licensing. Milestone Husky M50 is scalable, powerful and can be customized to meet specific installation needs.
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Vi-Search Highlights

Automatic and Time-Efficient

  • Scans days of stored video in seconds to display precise results
  • Eliminates the need for time-consuming manual search and review of stored video

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Legacy System Upgrades

The Path to an Upgrade

Migrating From SAFEnet 5.6.3 (sp3) to SAFEnet 6.2.16 (sp4)

I. Comprehensive Site Survey

  • a. Meet to MonDyn System Engineer to discuss options, process flow, path forward
  • b. Review process with MonDyn Engineering Team
  • c. Perform detailed system diagnostic, analysis and asset discovery (report)
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Movianto Group

The Movianto Group is the preferred European contract logistics service provider to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industry.

Milestone Husky™ M30

Milestone Husky M30 NVR is a workstation with XProtect® VMS preloaded and configured for performance and reliability.
Milestone Husky M30 is a powerful, customizable, scalable and cost-effective solution.
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Milestone Husky™ M10

The Solution

Milestone Husky M10 is a sleek, fanless model with video management software (VMS) preloaded and configured for efficient performance and reliability.

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Milestone XProtect

Centra Security is certified for the installation of Milestone electronic security systems for clients in business, government and military sectors including:

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Centra Security Services Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Paya Card Processing Services
Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Paya Card Processing Services