uTrust ScramblePad Readers

Posted on June 11, 2015 by newbrandmedia

The uTrust ScramblePad® family of keypads and keypad-plus-reader products prevent access PINs from being compromised by using a key scrambling technique that is combined with unique viewing angle restrictors. An integrated contactless prox/smart card reader model enables a variety of card-plus-PIN applications.



  • High Security:
    Scrambling display, unique horizontal and vertical viewing restrictors, high-security data, transmission, and 3 to 16 digit codes
  • Multi-Technology:
    Reader models include proximity, smart cards, or dual frequency
  • Multi-Function Interface:
    Access control, programmer’s terminal, alarm and relay control, override HVAC, lighting, and custom control sequences
  • Audible Feedback:
    Scramble, access/denial, or silent operation option

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